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A brief showreel


Shaking up Mr Temer’s Presidency

BBC World Service radio, 18/05/2017


The politics of a childhood story

The Fifth Floor – World Service Radio, 31/03/2017


Paraguay’s heist of the century

BBC News/ GMT, 25/04/2017


Floods affect 660m in Peru, put half of the country in emergency

BBC News, 22/03/2017


Brazil’s unpalatable meat crisis

BBC News, 21/03/2017

BBC News, 20/03/2017


Rio begins mass vaccination as yellow fever cases near cities

BBC News, 19/03/2017


Millions affected by drought of a century in Northeast Brazil

BBC News – 18/02/2017


Brazil sends in troops to curb violence following police strike

BBC World News – 09/02/2017

BBC News – 08/02/2017


Beijing on pollution red alert fears ‘airpocalipse’

BBC News / BBC World – 17/12/2016


Chile battles worst forest fires in a generation

BBC News – 23/02/2017



Dilma Rousseff makes her last plea in Senate

GMT(1), BBC World, 29/08/2016

GMT(2), BBC World, 29/08/2016

GMT(3), BBC World, 29/08/2016

World TV Bulletin, 1039g, 29/08/2016

World TV Bulletin, 1227g, 29/08/2016

Outside Source (radio), 29/08/2016


What does Brazil’s Truth Commission mean for families of the victims?

BBC World News / BBC4 – 10/12/2014


Up All Night with Andrew Fletcher on the Truth Commission

BBC Radio 5Live – 11/12/2014


1st round of Brazil’s Presidential elections – The day after

BBC World News – 06/10/2014


US, Brazil: A ‘bumpy marriage’ – podcast

The Fifth Floor (BBC) – 21/09/2013


Leia na íntegra (PDF)

Venezuela, the book (Globo, 2003)


‘Revolutionary Dialogues’ (PDF)

MSc Dissertation (UK, 2007)


Venezuela, 10 anos depois

Rádio CBN – 12/01/2013