Brazil’s not descending into chaos – but obscurantism

ANYONE UNFAMILIAR with the complexities of Brazil is forgiven for not understanding how a nation goes from being seen as an example of democratic progress and a promise of economic inclusion to a bizarre spectacle of chaotic politics, a tropical House of Cards unashamedly exposing its guts to the world, barely months before the Olympic Games – a photo opportunity most countries would love to have.

But it’s not chaos Brazil is descending into; it’s obscurantism.

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Brazil’s ugly democracy

THERE IS ONE THING readers looking for a fair and balanced view of Brazil’s Sunday protests against President Dilma Rousseff won’t find easily in press reports.

And it is how openly right-wing, and how openly sanguine, many of the demonstrators were.

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My family history in Brazil’s dictatorship jails

GROWING UP, I never saw my father as a superhero. But I knew he was a strong man.

Word had it that he had been beaten so aggressively by the military regime that his aggressors once broke a baton on his body.

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Fallout with Brazil over NSA, a ‘high political cost’ to US – audio

PRESIDENT DILMA Rousseff’s decision to call off her state visit to Washington may well be the highest political cost the White House has paid so far in its international relations for the allegations of spying by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Dilma would be the only leader to be offered a state reception by the White House this year, a reflection of the importance the US places in the bilateral ties, the US administration said in a statement.

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